Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thats Stash-tastic!

Due to some stash sharing on some of my favorite blogs ( Laura's and Serena's... absolutely lovely blogs that bless me every time I visit ), I have decided to look into the big box of fabric that currently resides in our closet. I am SO glad I looked through it- its amazing how you can forget what you already have! So here is a small taste of Mrs. Lauren Christine's stash :)

A soft lilac flannel- 3 yards- originally to make a winter nightgown out of Mrs. Chancey's Regency Chemise pattern. I bought another three yards that day of a floral print, and made that one. Turns out I really only needed ONE new nightgown... and since its quite toasty here of late, I think I'll save this project for next fall.

1 1/2 yards of each of these. I don't know what I was thinking... Much too bright for me. I think I'll label this one under "For little girls dresses" :)

Almost two yards. This is actually from my momma's stash- who knows how old it is! I thought it would make a nice fall peasant top...

3/4 yd. All thats left from a disastrous dress making experience, where I vowed never to use brocade again- and literally threw away the almost finished product. Any ideas for this one? I was thinking a little evening bag.

I actually really dislike this fabric... I'm thinking about lining an apron with it.

I just couldn't resist. It was too cute. Another one for "Little Girls' Dresses"

Pre- quilted fabric for a bag.

More to come!


Clare said...

The cherry fabric is a little on the bright and busy side. But I'm thinking that perhaps it would make a really cute apron.

Or if you used it as simply the lining for an apron, you could have one of those double-sided aprons that can flip either way.

Laura said...

Fun! Thanks for sharing your stash! I love that you're saving fabric for future daughters, too. :) I think my favorite is the fall plaid -- such lovely colors.
Now you're scaring me about the brocade!! What was so difficult about working with it?

Serena said...

I love the Hello Kitty!

All of the fabrics are lovely. I think lining an apron with the cherries is a wonderful idea. And the brocade would make a lovely evening bag!

I'm so glad you shared your stash!


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