Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On Dryers...

When I do use our dryer (like now... when we get torrential rain daily!), I can't use dryer sheets because both me and my husband have sensitive skin. I use these, which seemed awful steep at $10... but they really do work. Things seem softer and fluffier... and more chemical free than dryer sheets. Which is always better!


Dawn said...

I just blogged about these earlier this month. Come check out what I wrote and what others commented on...here is the link for it:


God Bless You!

Mackenzie said...

Oh those look neat! When I use my dryer (inter, rainy days, and for my personal items) I tuck in a clean rag with a few drops of lavender essential oils. Not only does this prevent that musty-dryer scent, but it also makes my entire upstairs smell like warm lavender... :)

Lauren Christine said...

I enjoyed reading your post Dawn! And Tilly... that idea sounds absolutely wonderful. I think I'll try it soon!


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