Thursday, August 28, 2008

A much needed centerpiece

I can't stand to throw the little Smucker's jelly jars away. The organic grape jelly comes in these wee little jars that just beg to hang around long after the contents have been eaten. As such, several of these jars wait patiently in the cabinet, soaked free of their labels, just waiting for that moment of creativity to strike.

After our previous centerpiece met a very tragic end- (which revealed just how easily glass vases are broken) I realized I would like something this time that is small, unobtrusive, can be left on the table during conversation and not impede anyone's view! Of course, the polka dotted plates helped with the inspiration.

I used some of my glass primer from another project (free), some red and white paint I had from another project (free), and some lovely daisies I had left over from an old flower arrangement (free). And I just adore the outcome.

...Of course, once I start priming and painting, it becomes very difficult to restrain myself and not paint everything that will hold still. :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


As I mentioned before, we've been moving our furniture around... our decorations around... and the cat around. :) Monday I was blessed to have a wonderfully fun day at the outlet mall that is about 45 minutes away. My momma and I had quite a good time, and even found some wonderful trinkets for our homes! Here is our "new and improved" dining room.

Momma found the pretty tablecloth for me a while back, and I picked up the oh-so-cute polka dot plates at the Pottery Barn Outlet... I think I paid 7 dollars for all four. I adore them- but I think I'll save them for decoration and special occasion use only. They're just too cute to risk chipping!

I moved around these things that were originally crammed into our wee kitchen. I think they'll be more visible here- and I could use the extra counter space. And well... I have quite enough cherry things in the kitchen as it is!

We were recently given this sideboard, which used to be hubby's mother's. I love the butterfly handles, and it fits perfectly underneath the painting my brother made for us. I also picked up the sign at the outlet mall. Originally, I was planning to paint it aqua... but I think I like it red. And that's not a tv... that's a digital picture frame (not currently on) that hubby made from several computers his company was throwing away. He's so handy, its amazing!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Reason # 8,972

...why my Momma is the best Momma in the whole world.

She read my blog, saw the wreath on sale at Target, and bought one for me. Isn't she amazing?!

In other "house-y" news, I took the garland from the living room and tacked it onto the top of the headboard we made. I love the way it looks!

We also spent last night moving almost *all* of our furniture around in a big shuffle. I think we've ended up with a lot more room, a much better "flow", and a much cleaner apartment! (I got to vacuum under furniture that had been stationary for a year) I'm so thankful for my big strong hubby who can move furniture so well! Pictures to come this week as I get the little things all straightened out :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

This Week In Crafting

I remember long before we were married wondering how it was anyone ever neglected decorating their bedroom. I would sigh and think how I would never be one of those wives :) Hee hee. Well, I admit, when decorating funds were limited, our bedroom was what suffered! I've decided now to fully commit myself to searching out for the little, inexpensive, and hand made items that can spruce up our bedroom. Of course, the throw I am knitting will hopefully help alot with bringing color into our room. I am almost finished with the first skein... just nine more to go!

Lets see, at this rate... I'll be done in... late October/early November. I must knit faster!! :)

I also painted a sign for above our bed with a lovely scripture. It reminds me of how as a married couple, our bedroom should be a place where we can come away from the world and be together. The wood I pained it on was only 1.99 at Michael's, and I think I spent another dollar or so on purple paint! The ribbon was from my stash- so this made a wonderfully frugal way to place a splash of color on the wall. I think now I'll start looking around for some other touches, like candles or flowers. Target has a *beautiful* purple flowered wreath right now... but its FORTY dollars. Maybe I'll try to make my own version!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Proverbs 31:22

Today I've enjoyed a wonderful afternoon spent with my momma, and now I'm spending this relaxing evening painting and enjoying the Olympics with sweet hubby. I've also stocked up on my yarn for the throw for our bed. Let's just say I was very blessed to find it on sale this week!!

"She makes coverings for her bed;
she is clothed in fine linen and purple."
- Proverbs 31:22

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A silly way to show hubby you love him

Tiny heart shape cakes made from your grandmother's recipe! ;)


(Much crafting to come soon.)

Made by Lena