Monday, July 30, 2007

A Guide To Staying Home

When Your Husband is away on a business trip.
I am now able to very happily say my husband is back from his trip to the "big apple". I didn't blog about it while he was away for safety reasons... you know, a 'just in case' type of thing. I am VERY happy to have him back! But while he was gone, I was thinking up a silly list of how to survive with your husband away. So here goes :)

1. You'll have to learn how to work the alarm clock by yourself. This may take several days to master if you are electronically challenged like yours truly. I was very happy to have my human alarm clock back this morning. :)
2. Rent the GIRLIEST movies you can think of. Something you desperately wanted to see, but didn't want to torture your poor husband with. For me, this was Persuasion. I absolutely loved it... and I watched it twice.
3. Check all the locks on the doors and windows while you are on the phone with him. This makes it a little less scary, knowing you're going to bed all safe and sound.
4. Spend the night at your parent's house, only after you absolutely have stayed by yourself as much as you can possibly handle. (For me, this was one night into his trip... but then I came back)
5. Make a pillow 'wall' in the bed, shaped like your husband :)
6. Go to lunch with your momma and grandmother.
7. Have your whole family over for dinner, and make sure they stay late!
8. Remember, if the doorbell rings, even at 8 o clock at night, sometimes it really just is the poor UPS man, working late. Still... don't answer the door. He'll leave the package! (My loving daddy always warned us, "Never answer the door when you're home alone!! Even if its flowers, Lauren!")
9. Make a casserole to freeze. I'm sure I'll be glad I did this later!
10. Lastly, even if you're husband is supposed to fly in at 11 p.m., flights do get delayed. Sometimes they get delayed unto 2 a.m., so be ready for a long night!


Mackenzie said...

That's so cute!! I still have my sister over for a sleep over every time my hubby is gone!

Katie B. said...

I could so relate to this and none of my friends' husbands travel for business, so it's nice to hear I am not that only one who gets scared at night!

I would add to the list-
1. Sleep with your cell phone in bed with you. There is something comforting about knowing that you have the phone near by "just in case!"
2. Get your husband to take out the garbage before he leaves- I do not like touching the garbage and my husband is so sweet- he takes it out before he leaves so I don't have to!

Great blog!

Katie B. said...

Oh! One more thing! The item about watching the girliest movies when your husband is gone is so true! I rented The Notebook once when husband was out of town, just to spare him from the waterworks I knew I would cry!

Sommer said...

Great list Lauren! And doesn't the girlie movie just help soooo much? :-)

Even after 9 years of marriage and a hubby that was in the Marines for the first couple, I still get lonely and scared when he is gone.

Lots of love,

Trina said...

this was cute - and I am sure I would be the same if hubby went away! It is the loneliest thing in the world to go to bed by yourself, isn't it? sound's like you made the best of the time, though!

Natalie said...

I've only had to stay by myself once and that was staying at a friend's house (pre-wedding) while they were on a road trip to Oklahoma for a week. Let me tell you I was ready for some people to be back in that house! The worst part was that one day I came back after dark and the deck door had blown open while I was away (obviously didn't double check before I left). It scared me spitless.I ran down into my room, called Allen, and just about hyperventilated for a few seconds. Then I checked all the doors and windows and peeked into all the closets and behind all the doors (still on the phone), calmed down, and went to bed. Praise God He kept me safe.

I'll keep your list in mind should Allen have to travel. I might recommend sleeping with a rifle close by though. It's bit more effective than a cell phone in a tight spot.

Anonymous said...

I can relate to this! I have personally done #2, 3, & 5.

Just for the record - I sleep with the cell phone and the rifle! :)


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