Sunday, July 8, 2007

"How many trials and troubles we have passed through together here in Texas, and no oppurtunity of going to church, yet God was mindful of us and blessed us and gave us His Spirit and made us feel that we was His."
-Mary Crownover Rabb, one of Stephen F. Austin's original "Old Three Hundred" colonists, 1820's

I have just begun reading "Texas Tears and Texas Sunshine", loaned to me by my momma, which is made up of the diaries and letters of Texas settlers. I am highly enjoying it so far. I just finished reading Jane Austen's Emma, and I think I shall try to procure myself a copy of Stepping Heavenward to read next. If anyone would care to share with me a favorite book, I would love to add it to my "to read" list!

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Mackenzie said...

Oh!! I just LOVE Janette Oke's book, "Love Comes Softly". There is a whole series, but I think the first one is the best book I've ever read, the second is satisfying and the rest are sweet, but much more average Christian fiction books...they're nice reads, but the first one is a MUST READ!! And if you've seen the movie then you really have to read the book, because the movie is dreadful *compared* to the's a cute movie, but the book is 100x better. :) I love the how beautifully it captures her thoughts and is really inspiring!! Let me know if you read it and like it! Sorry for the long comment...


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