Friday, July 6, 2007

A day spent sewing...

is a day well spent. I have often liked looked at Tznius' skirts- but I've never liked their price tag. After much talk of recreating them on the S&S sewing board, I decided to try my hand at it. I traced the "pattern" off of an old wrap skirt, making each panel quite a bit bigger (the old skirt never wrapped properly an was dangerous in wind), and I ended up with a lovely skirt that wraps around me with LOTS of overlap, so no more danger on windy Texas days. I sewed up the corduroy one a few weeks back, but today I made one out of embroidered denim.
A closeup of the denim-
And the corduroy-
A very posed picture of me waiting for my husband to come home... in my new skirt :)We only have one chair right now... I giggle to myself sometimes about being able to say "I remember when your papa and I were first married... we only had one chair! If we learned to share, so can you." to our children someday, Lord willing. Lol! :)


Jean said...

ohhh... You are the cutest person I ever met.
God Bless your marriage!!! :)

Sommer said...

Such pretty fabric and a lovely skirt!
You are so sweet...I'm sure it warms your husband's heart to know that you miss him.

Lots of love,


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