Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Clippies and Headbands- "Works for Me Wednesday"

Confession: I am a closet disorganized person. My husband is very neat... so I try my absolute hardest to keep our apartment neat and clean. There are a few places that are completely mine, though... that no one ever sees.... like the drawers in my craft tower. And my makeup/ hair drawer. Those places are ridiculously messy. However, in trying to improve myself, I am going to TRY to organize those spaces. Hmph. I just don't know really HOW to.
For example, my "hair" drawer. Having the kind of crazy curly hair that I do, I have in my collection about one million barrettes and headband- type things. Not the hard plastic kind- I can't stand those. But fabric headbands (I've made a ton of these) and ribbons- the impossible to organize kind. I've tried putting them in a box. I've tried hanging them on tie hangers. Every time I either get annoyed and just throw them back in the drawer when I can't find one, or dump out the box in frustration.
I've also lost half my clippies.... either in clippie lala land, or in the car, or possibly in the vacuum. Here's my newest solution for the barrettes- clipping them on a ribbon like my momma used to do. But here's my "grown up" version- inside the cabinet! It 'works for me' (Tee hee)

I just used push pins and a ribbon I used to wear in my hair. Hopefully now I won't lose so many, and I'll actually remember which ones I have. And for you with the 20/20 vision, yes I do have a barrette with my name on it. And yes, I still wear it. And yes, I am about to turn 24. :)
So, my question is, and I am so hopeful that someone has an answer... is how do I organize the ribbons and fabric headbands in a way that will last more than one day? I so hope some creative gal out there has the answer.

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Mackenzie said...

Well I don't know that this will help, but I keep mine in a long, skinny Tupperware fits in the drawer, without taking up all of the far it's worked for me! Another thing I've done is to just store them wound up in a makeup bag. You have some very pretty clippies!!

SAHMmy Says said...

Thanks for posting the pic! My baby is finally growing some hair, so I'll be needing to organize the many, many bows and barrettes I plan on buying for her! I use fabric hairbands and ponytail holders everyday (much to my husband's delight, I'm sure!)--I keep the large headbands together by clipping them with one of those long black clips your hairstylist uses when she puts half your hair up to cut layers (long description, but I don't know what they're really called!) For the ponytail holders, I loop one ponytail holder around the rest, and pull it through itself to tighten. Clear as mud, right?

Emily said...

I store Maggie's the same way. : ) Her's are mainly bows rather than clippes but I keep them all lined up on a white ribbon. Your clippes are rather cute.

Jen said...

Great idea! I'm always rummaging through a plastic bin in the bathroom drawer looking for a matching pair or a specific clippie. I'll have to give this a whirl.
Confession: I am 27 and the clippie with your name on it is my favourite one! I would still be wearing mine too if I had one. :)

Allison said...

Thank you for sharing the head band pattern! I have the hardest time wearing those plastic head bands because they give me such a headache!! I've tried making fabric head bands before, but they don't really turn out all that great. :) I will definitely try this pattern. So cute!!

Anonymous said...

Can't be much help - my barrettes are in a shoebox! LOL!
I put a bunch of headbands in a gallon size clear ziploc bag. It's easy to smush [is that a word?] around and look for the color I want.

Stephanie Marie said...

I keep mine/my sisters in a plastic "snap-lid" box, and the ponytail holders go into an old metal cookie container. But the ribbon idea....I like it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Actually I also stash my daughter's clippies on a long ribbon, but what I've done differently is I've made it an actual decorative piece in her room. I have a section of wall in her room that's about 12" wide because it's between her bedroom door and her closet, so I rummaged through my craft stuff and found a lemon yellow ribbon with white daisies and just started clipping in any order, so the ribbon looks like it's got jewels all over it. Also she has a HUGE hawaiian clip-on barrette that I use as the top (head) of the it looks even more decorative and whimsical. Wish I could post a pic of it.


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