Friday, October 26, 2007

"But remember, my young female friends, and the lesson cannot be too deeply impressed upon your mind, that the seeds of a woman's lifelong excellences must be sewn in the springtime of existence. The flowers of womanly excellence, which you would wish to grow in your future character, must be previously and carefully selected, and be contemplated, anticipated, in all their full blown beauty and their richest fragrance, even while you are yet in youth."

John Angell James, "Female Piety" 1853

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Emily said...

How beautiful and so very true.

Heather said...

As a married woman I can appreciate the truth of this quote, and as a mother of a little girl I can treasure it as a lesson I must begin even now to instill upon her precious heart. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful post! :)

(Thanks also for the S&S forum help. I'll have to try that this weekend!)

Blessings to you, dear Lauren!

Sara N. Smith said...

Very profound and full of truth!
Thank you for the encouragement and for highly esteeming femininity and Biblical womanhood!

Heather said...

Please make a note of my new blog address. Have a wonderful weekend!


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