Thursday, December 20, 2007

Some Christmas Crochet

I made this hat for Colin's mom- in white, with the yarn I used from last year to make her a scarf for the woven in border. All done and mailed off today!!

Here I am modeling it... since it looks quite funny when you just set it down for a picture.

This is the pattern I used- and I HIGHLY recommend it! I just loved crochet-ing it up.


Mackenzie said...

Beautiful job! :) Your stitches look so even!! I'm sure she'll love it.

Anonymous said...

So Cute! Look at you, becoming all great at crochet! I'm impressed! :)

Emily said...

Oh it's lovely. If only I could knit or crochet. Hum.... still on to do list.

Lisa said...

That hat is so cute. It looks nice and warm and the style is very pretty. Well done!


Made by Lena