Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What I've been working on-

Another pair of finished baby booties for a lovely baby boy at church. They are airplane and car printed flannel, lined with white flannel.

The infamous baby blanket is finished. Infamous because I have been working on it for at least two years. I would work on it a bit, then put it away. It is finally done, and well, not very pretty. But I figure this way I won't be worried if it gets messy :)

As you can tell, it is much to big for my knitting basket. I just need to finish stitching the last panel on.

And finally, I have started knitting a wrap for myself, hopefully to wear to my Great Aunt and Uncle's fiftieth anniversary celebration on September 7. Its the loveliest shade of soft pink angora blend yarn. The only problem is I am covered in fuzz when I'm done knitting. I've discovered the solution though- knitting in my apron! :)

The color looks a bit off in the photo because of the lamplight.


Mackenzie said...

In order of appearance...
Those booties are soo cute!! I love the airplanes. :)

:-D The blanket made me smile...it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who every now and then spends years working on a less than wonderful project. lol

Ooooh, I think that yarn looks delicious! Are you using a pattern, or making it up as you go? I can't wait to see pictures!!

Sommer said...

I agree with Tilly...the booties are so cute! We have two new pregnant ladies at church, I think they will be getting these for their showers:-)

I too took forever making a baby blanket...but it isn't all that big. I'm just a procrastinator! I do have a nightgown I've been making for my eldest daughter for like a year and a half..I'm not sure she will fit it now, but maybe her sister?

Do share your pattern for the wrap...I'm always interested in something new:-)

Looking forward to seeing a pic!

Natalie said...

Oh lovely. Isn't it fun to put things together by hand? I can't wait to see your finished wrap.

OCM said...

It's so nice to complete a long worked on project! I've finished a few things like that and have a load more that need finished! ;)

Anonymous said...

I know how hard it is to keep truckin' away on a project that seems to take far too long (I have a few of those myself)It looks great...now arn't you glad you finished it:o)
~simply stork~

Haugh Family said...

Those babies booties are soooo cute! Can you share what pattern you used? I would love to make a pair or two.


Lauren Christine said...

I'm so sorry for not answering sooner! I thought about it a bunch of times... and then it slipped my mind. I meant to count the stitches... but I believe my shawl is something over 50. I'll count it tomorrow! And no pattern... its just a giant rectangle. Lol. Sorry to disappoint- its very simple! And the Baby Booties are Heather Bailey's Bitty Booty Pattern available on her blog! :) Thanks for being so patient for an answer!


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