Thursday, August 2, 2007

My favorite "Texas" phrases

Things I love to say...

"What's time to a hog?"
translation: Don't worry, I've got plenty of time!

"That dog won't hunt."
translation: That will never work.

And the most recent- "You just keep your powder dry."
translation: Be patient and ready.

Ha ha! My momma called me with the last one. She heard it on the news... and knows my affection for southern phrases. Anyone else know any good ones? :)


Natalie said...

Hmmm, I suppose "you hadn't got the sense God gave a billy goat/goose" isn't very polite :) Let's see.."If it'd been a snake it woulda bit you" is what we always got if we couldn't find something that was close at hand. Then of course there's way some people feel like they can say anything about a person so long as they tack "God love/bless x" on the end or beginning of the statement.

And from Papa Short:

"Can't never could do nothin'"

Kelly said...


Our former violin teacher was a Texan, born and raised. He once was relating a story to us about a young man who, upon beginning a new job, commited some rather imprudent actions which caused him trouble throughout the time of his work there. In describing this, our teacher exclaimed (with cowboy accent),"He ripped his britches on that one!".



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