Tuesday, August 7, 2007


My favorite season. I anxiously await its arrival every year. For me, its a beautiful time of preparation, thankfulness, and joyful family gatherings. The crispness of the air, leaving your windows wide open for the breeze, soft snuggly blankets... ah, I just love it. And I usually start preparing for it a bit early :) On that note- here is my first fall decorating project. Can you tell I love pillows?


Mackenzie said...

Oh that is beautiful!! I love fall to and have already started my cleaning...that way when we start getting those cooler days I can decorate to my hearts content! Is the fabric printed like that, or did you sew scraps together? I love the "envelope front"!

Lauren Christine said...

Oh no, I didn't sew it together! :) It was printed like that. I love the "scrappy" look!

Me said...

Hi, Lauren. I'm "leiarose" the S&S forum and I followed a link in your signature there. I just wanted to say that your blog is SO inspiring to me in your attitude of being a wife. *smile* I'm really encouraged/inspired by your craftiness at home! It's just how I would like to be. *laugh*


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