Tuesday, August 14, 2007

On diggin' through your purse

Which is something I do quite often. I'll stand there, rifle through my bag, search and search, and come upon every item that is not the item I'm searching for... most often, my ringing cell phone. This problem stems from:
1) I have a "Mary Poppins" purse. Rachel called her purse this, and I have to agree that mine is too. You never know what you'll need- and from cowboy printed band aids to books to water... I've usually got it all.
2) My purse is a bag. With no dividers or pockets. A foolish move on my part, true. But the canvas holds up so well!

All credit goes to Rachel, for teaching me how to crochet over the weekend.

An action shot. The ties hold it on the strap of my purse.

Problem solved! Yay for crochet!


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! I am so impressed you already made something! :) I need to get that speedy.

Sommer said...

That is cute! Right now my purse is a diaperbag...so finding my cell phone is a shot in the dark!

Knitting...here I come:-)

OCM said...

Good idea! And it looks so cute! :)


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