Thursday, August 16, 2007

Happy 27th Anniversary, Momma and Daddy!

As I was trying to pick out a picture for this post, I realized something tragic. I don't have one of their wedding pictures on this computer... or any computer... because 27 years ago, there wasn't any digital film. Hmph. Then I began to look for just ANY good, cutesy, romantic picture of them. I don't have one. This is terrible, I begin to think! But what I have realized is that, like all other loving parents who dote on their children, one of them is always *behind* the camera! So in this happy anniversary post, I shall do my best to paint a mental picture instead.
Picture this man in a brown tux, with a totally 80's mustache, and the biggest smile possible on his face: (Yes, in this picture, he is pretending to eat the rose Momma was trying to convince him to pose with)

And this lovely lady:

In this dress:

Lol. Allright, someday I'll see if I can dig a real one up and scan it in, so you can compare it to my "mental picture" I'm trying for :)

In a nutshell, my parents are amazing. They love the Lord, love each other, and very sacrificially love their two grateful children. One of the biggest reasons I was looking forward to marriage was the example they gave of loving throughout the years. My father has worked unfathomably hard to support us all and allow my momma to stay home and raise us. No words could express what his sacrifice meant to us all. So happy anniversary, and may there be many, many more!

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Mackenzie said...

Anniversary prayers were sent there way! My mom and dad are having their 25th in a few days here...I wonder what will happen before I have mine??


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