Thursday, May 1, 2008

Last Week's Birthday Project

The sweet birthday girl :)

A wee little handkerchief embroidered with Proverbs 17:17.

This is when the quilting tools become very handy for getting your spacing even!

We Really Like Vera Bradley.

...I think that picture makes my purse look obnoxiously huge. But I always manage to fill it up! Tee hee.


Colin said...


Your bag is HUGE.. but handy.

Jaimee Lavin said...

Thank you for sharing the afternoon with us and for making my BD special!

We think your purse is very cute! :)

love, Jennifer

Keri said...

I like Vera too! I would love a bag as big as yours!

Sarah said...

What a great idea to get spacing even! I embroidered a verse from S of S for David on a Christmas gift, and the letters were all scrunched up in places and widely spaced in the others. . . no wonder he never uses it! LOL

I too think your purse is very cute!

Lauren said...

That's a very pretty hankerchief. Yes, your bag is huge :-) But, hey, if you're like me, you will use all of that space :-) I tell ya, my purse can become the bottom-less pitt very quickly. God Bless!


Unknown said...

I have huge Vera purses, too... go with what works for you! I also have little ones. Variety is the spice of life :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I LOVE Very Bradley - they're just too cute! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren, I have a question for you. What style Vera Bradley bag does the woman on the far right have ? I looked on Vera's site, and I can't find that pattern any ware. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren, I'm not sure if you know that the first part of Cranford is going to be on your local PBS station tonight, I don't know what time zone you'd be , but it's on at 9pm for me.
Have a great night! , Kaitlyn :)

Laura said...

I generally find that the larger my bag, the more stuff I "need" to tote around! :-) Your bag is very pretty. And what a sweet birthday gift!

Anonymous said...

I love Vera Bradley too! I have a Molly in the New Hope print, which I love, although sometimes I do think I need a bigger bag! lol Your purse is cute!

Looks like a wonderful birthday celebration. There are few things better than the blessing of friends! Love the handkerchief. :)

Lauren Christine said...

Hi Anonymous! Sorry I took so long to answer :) Her purse is called the patchwork tote... I think!



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