Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Trip so Far!

Just a few pictures of our trip in progress - we are currently in Nashville, TN - and loving it!

Hugging sweet Rachel's belly. I completely cried when I felt little Luke Allen move inside his sweet mommy. What a wonderful, beautiful, amazing moment!

At the Arkansas State Line. The people in Arkansas were SO friendly and welcoming! Who knew that Arkansas is a breathtakingly beautiful state.

At the bath houses in Hot Springs, Arkansas...

At the Tennessee State Line, hugging the "Egg" that birthed Rock n Roll (?)

More updates and LOTS more pictures to come! :)


Anonymous said...

It looks like you're having a great trip so far! Thanks for posting the pictures ~ we can't wait to see more of your happenings. :) And btw, your new VB stuff is so cute!
Say hi to Colin for us, and we'll miss seeing you at church tomorrow.

Ready Maid said...

It's always so cool to see young visitors like you having fun in Hot Springs, Ark.!

My hubby and I visited here only one day six years ago before deciding to move here three months later. And we haven't regretted it one minute!

Named as the No. 1 place in America to retire by geographer Warren Bland , Hot Springs was confirmed as a top retirement destination on a recent Today Show segment by realtor Barbara Corcoran.

I gotta admit, Hot Springs is a pretty cool place to live, even for those of us who aren't yet retired.

To see some of the things we enjoy, check out these short docu-videos at Spa Vlogger.

Rebecca McCormick,
Travel Journalist and Photographer,
The Sentinel-Record

(View my LinkedIn Profile)

Emma Pearl said...

What fun!! I'm glad you're enjoying your trip.:)


(crimsonbanner from S&S)

Natalie said...

Now you're making me want to go back Arkansas that is. Haven't been there since I was a little bit. BTW, head south on 65 about three hours and you'll be in my neck of the woods. If you're still in Nashville that is.

Julia Marie said...

Arkansas is beautiful! My family was there last fall, and we loved all the springs and rivers.

April said...

Oh, I know people in Hot Springs! :-) It looks like you're having fun.

Matt and Sarah Pitts said...

It was so good (and crazy providence) to see you in Louisville!! I hope you continue to enjoy your trip!


Anonymous said...

Awww, I love that picture of us! We enjoyed y'all's visit SO much! Come back soon! :)


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