Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Prayers Please :)

Sweet baby kitty is going in to be neutered and declawed tomorrow. I know some think that's terribly inhumane, but our vet does it with a laser, and so it's not so bad for kitty. My hubby and I both agreed that kitty is too free and wild with the claws- and its done out of concern for future babies, Lord willing, and not out of concern for furniture. Please say a prayer for him as he hasn't been feeling well the past day or so.


Emily said...

I will. Poor little kitty but I wouldn't want a kitty with claws around my babies either.

Sommer said...

Thinking of your sweet little kitty!

Mackenzie said...

Awww, I hope everything goes well for you and "the baby". ;) He's getting so handsome...well, for a cat of course! Once we're moved we're going to be taking our little sister cats into the vets for shots and...well, to prevent more sister cats. ;)

ps) did you get the letter I sent you the other week?


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