Friday, February 15, 2008

An Animal Post...

Thank you all so much for your prayers! Ari is doing very well- He is now on the mend from his little surgery. The one problem I am having is understanding exactly *what* the drug manufacturers were thinking when they decided to dye the antibiotic what I can only describe as day glow pink. And from what I can tell by sniffing, the flavor is cherry. ...Another thing I can tell is Ari HATES the stuff. So I have now learned how to clean day glow pink antibiotics out of the carpet. Hmph.

Since I haven't been very crafty this week, I decided I would do a little "meet the animals" post.

My momma's very spoiled orange Aidan... she also has little black Ala, who is our resident bug hunter. I need a good picture of her :)

My brother's cute little Ara and Eli... all snuggled up with my daddy when we went to go visit big brother.

And just for laughs, a very fat squirrel who took the ENTIRE tortilla up the tree.

I should add, every one of our kitties was either rescued or adopted from the shelter.


Kaitlyn Michelle said...

Dear Lauren, I was fearing the worst about your poor kitty , like the women in Cranford-LOL! I was praying that he would come through his surgery alright, glad to hear that he's doing well. God is good.
- Kaitlyn Michelle

Mandy said...

I'm so glad kitty is better!!


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