Monday, February 18, 2008


Earlier this year, our sweet friends the Lavins gave us a wonderful fresh lemon from their tree. I was so taken with this sweet and tart treat that I decided hubby and I should have a lemon tree of our own. :)
In my mind, this entailed saving the seeds from the lemon they gave us and literally trying to grow our own tree. When I told my daddy about my new lemon project, he kindly chuckled at me, explaining exactly how many years it would take before I would have real lemons (read: 5 to 10 years), and offered me one of his lemon trees! I was thrilled, and he brought it over Christmas morning. Even though I come from a long line of citrus farmers (literally)- I was worried this little fellow would suffer under my care. Well, hubby might not come from citrus farmers, but under his loving care, look how well its done! The light green sprigs are new growth.

Daddy also advised us to graft onto the tree. The Lavins once again obliged us with a branch from theirs! With a little grace, we might get lemons this year or next. Thats much better than 5 or ten years!

And for a little fun, here are 34 things to do with lemons you never knew about!


Jaimee Lavin said...

So happy to read about your lemon tree! We hope it blesses you with many juicy lemons. :)

the Lavins

~ Shannon said...

There is nothing like a fresh, home-grown lemon! Our neighbors have a tree and are very generous with their lemons.

And thanks for the link to uses for lemon -- it's quite an impressive list! I'm saving it to my files :)

Yours in Christ,


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