Friday, January 25, 2008

Penguin Pants

I'm almost ashamed to post the fact that I've been working on these for about six months. Terrible. I cut them out for hubby's birthday... in June. Wow. (Hangs head in shame) I finally sewed them up yesterday, after reading a very convicting blog post on a procrastinating spirit. I hopped up and away from the computer, freshly humbled about a project my very sweet and always giving hubby had asked me for. Here's the final product:

Isn't he just precious? Hubby's mom bought him penguin sheets when he was toddler. These are them. And yes, he slept on them. Until we got married and he had to give up his twin bed. :) He's both very frugal... and very much likes penguins. I cannot boast of ever keeping set of sheets so long.
So I promised I would salvage what I could from said sheets and make him some pajama pants to remember them by. I was almost afraid they would fall apart, but I was able to get plenty of solid pieces without holes or terribly worn spots for the pants. I'm so glad I read that post!


Mackenzie said...

Thanks for sharing that post! Procrastination is a big struggle of mine. My Joe is so patient though, and is so sweet about encouraging me. Your hubby looks so happy in the picture...I think perhaps I should warn you about something my grandmother shared with me after I made Joe's first pair of pj pants...she says that when you sew for them (husbands!) be sure that you like the style and fabric because they (being the cute things that they are) will keep them *forever*...whether or not they fit. lol She jokes that my grandfather still has the shirts that she made him when he was a "little boy". :-P

Sommer said...

I haven't read that post yet, but I think I'd better:-) I have a huge problem with this...let's talk about a nightgown for my daughter I started over a year ago! I suppose I better pull them out and finish them up!

Cute pants! I really would like to make my hubby some. Inspiration!

Serena said...

What a great idea! Maybe, when they're too threadbare to wear, you can make some handkerchiefs out of them. You know, in twenty years or so, when they finally fall apart!

That post sounds like something I need to read. Procrastination and I are well-acquainted.

~ Shannon said...

So I guess I shouldn't put off posting my comment... ;)

Those pajama pants are too cute! It's amazing that those sheets held up so well. It must have meant so much to your husband that you did that for him.

Yours in Christ,

Anonymous said...

They are too Cute! I'm amazed they've held up this long.

Your kitty is adorable. :D


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