Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cozy Koozie

Here it is all said and done :) Not much for the looking though! Does anyone know how to dye cotton naturally? I'm thinking with a little color it might be more fun!

I just double crocheted and stitched it together in the back. If you want to learn to double crochet, I highly recommend the Lion Brand Yarn website! Sweet Rachel taught me the basic crochet, and then I learned the rest from the site.


Mackenzie said...

hehehe, that's so cute!! Guess what? We're getting snow!!! :)

Emily said...

Oh you did such a good job. How cute! I know nothing about organic dying sorry. Other than tea dying I am useless.

~ Shannon said...

Very cute! And what a brilliant idea for keeping your drink cold and your fingers warm! :-)

In Christ,

Serena said...

Very nice!

Anonymous said...

when you dye cotton with natural dyes, you need something called a mordant in addition to the actual dye...i would recommend using pre-reduced indigo, if you have the funds for it...for more info, go to the yarn-barn of kansas' website (they have supplies and books and are really helpful on the phone, too)...make sure that your yarn is 100% cotton as well or you could end up with blotchy yarn...good luck!

Amber said...

Try Koolaid! I know of someone who does that. It makes nice colors too!


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