Sunday, January 20, 2008

A few touches of Valentines!

I normally don't get that excited or decorate much for Valentine's Day- but this year I had to put out a few touches...

A heart shaped candy dish and Valentine's table runner- and yes, I actually picked all the red and silver candies out of the "Leftover Christmas Candy Ziploc". I'm thinking I'll put out the green and silver ones for St. Patrick's Day... :)

A little sign my momma gave me... hanging with the spoons!

And well, of course, a red rose wreath.

And this isn't "Valentine-sy" at all, but I redid our mantle to match the blue wall. Yay for Michael's craft store half off flowers! I bought ten clear glass votive holders at Ikea (2 for a dollar, I think...) a year ago or so, putting them away for later. It's one of the best ideas I've ever had- I use them for every holiday and it is very inexpensive to put different colored candles in them!


Sommer said...

I love that wreath! So lovely:-) And your mantle looks so pretty. You have a wonderful touch:-)

Sara N. Smith said...

I love the rose wreath - it's gorgeous!!!
Hope you had a lovely weekend and are rested for the week ahead!

Mackenzie said...

Ooooh, it's all so pretty!! :) And I *love* your front door! Much nicer than our apart. door was!!!


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