Saturday, January 12, 2008

"Klean" Water Bottles

I've been drinking out of Nalgene water bottles for about 6 years. I thought they were a great way to make sure you got all of your drinking water in for the day. Not only did I drink water out of it, but I'll admit... a few times juice... and it definitely went into the dishwasher too. Recently I was reading on the Green Guide about how Nalgene water bottles have been shown to leach into drinking water. Eek! This was certainly bad news for me. And it turns out it's even worse to put them in the dishwasher and expose them to high temperatures. And it's bad to put juice in them too. Oh no.

Well... I've found a new water bottle! It's safe for even hot liquids and juice. I've been using it all this week, and it's been great. The only downside is when you put cold water in it... the stainless steel is very, very cold to the touch! So today I've started crocheting a cover for it. And what am I using to crochet a cover?

Why, organic cotton of course!

Here are some articles just in case you are a fellow Nalgene user:

Organic Consumers: Nalgene

The Green Guide: Nalgene


Jen said...

We were big Nalgene users around here too. I think we had about 5 between us and like you I put them through the dishwasher and put fluids in them other than water. After hearing about the leaching from the these bottles and some clear plastic baby bottles I was a little bit freaked out. I chucked all of our Nalgene bottles, which were looking beat up anyway, and immediately stopped using the clear plastic baby bottles we had. Scary. I've been eying these stainless steel bottles up for a while. Right now we're fine using our stainless steel thermoses as we're in the middle of winter but come spring I think I'll be ordering a small stash of these. You can even get some that you can fit a sippy cup/baby nipple attachments onto. That's pretty neat!

Please post pictures of your cover when you're done! I'd love to see it.

P.S. Do you have any suggestions for books on learning how to crochet? I have a few little pamphlets but beyond a basic chain stain the instructions are a little muddy.

Mackenzie said...

I'll pipe in here on the crochet sil taught herself with the "Crochet for Dummies" has right and left handed instructions, and is good about pictures and such.

Lauren...I didn't know that Lion Brand has organic cotton! :) I might have to look into that for a baby blanket... :-D And that's a neat water bottle! Joe might find one of those amongst his birthday gifts...:)

Emily said...

Hum.... I don't much about water bottles but I can't wait to see it's little cover. : )

Colin said...

Is there a tag for "super-granola"? B/C it would be perfect for this post.

Love you!

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing about the stainless steel water bottles - my Mom hates plastic water bottles, and I've been looking for a stainless steel one. Those look pretty nice!!

Serena said...

I LOVE my Klean Kanteen! But, they do get chilly! My daughter has her small one with the Avent top. She is VERY good about drinking her water. Something she did not get from me.

Nicole 妮可 said...

brilliant!! and what a capital idea! yay you!!

Meredith A. said...

I just ordered two for my husband and I to replace our Nalgenes! I am VERY excited, and can't wait for them to come in the mail!

Anonymous said...

Let me just say that I love that your husband comments on your blog. Too cute! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. I just ordered one. We hike a lot & I am always drinking water --- with lemon slices.


Christine said...

What a great post. I would love to get a stainless steel water bottle; I wish they were just a bit cheaper. Blessings!


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