Monday, June 4, 2007

feminine hairstyles

As I learn more about dressing not only modestly, but also femininely for the Glory of God, I find myself having trouble with feminine hairstyles! I often end up with my -very- curly hair in a bun or a knot when I strive to wear it completely down. This works better than a ponytail for me... I almost feel like it looks more 'put together' than a ponytail that is... on a hot humid Texas day... a bit wild. If anyone has any suggestions for putting long hair in a twist that stays put, or some other creative feminine hairstyle, let me know! I've had this clippie since I was very young, and I'm so glad I kept it- it definitely adds fun to a plain bun :)


Janel said...

Klutz has a great book that details lots of really great styles. It's still in print after 15 years.


D said...

Hi! So glad you stopped by my blog!
Thanks for leaving me a comment. I enjoyed reading yours today. It's very pretty and feminine.

It looks like you have lovely hair. I too, am sometimes at a loss with what to do with my unruly locks. :-)

I am assuming from piecing together your posts that you are recently married? Am I correct? I would love to know more about you. Maybe you have another blog somewhere? Maybe you could write a brief post of your recent life summary and what led you to try blogging? Too many questions? :-D Sorry! Nice to meet you!

Trina said...

Lauren, I use little, tiny claw clips - the tiniest you can buy, about a half inch across, to do my hair. I don't have curly hair, but I did a friend's hair that is just like yours with them just the other day, and it works the same. I part the hair in the middle, and loosely twist it back on both sides. I clip it all the way back, with about three clips on each side, and this holds the hair in lovely poofiness, rather than it all sagging and slipping out of place. I then put all the hair into a bun at the back. Perhaps I could post pictures on my blog if that would be helpful...
I love your hair! I would love to get my hands in it! ! :)
How will you wear it for your wedding?

Mackenzie said...

French braids also look just lovely! I just found your blog and I'm really enjoying it. Congratulations on your recent wedding...I hope you're having a wonderful Honeymoon!
~Mackenzie (who's 2nd wedding anniversary is on Wednesday!)

Kelly said...

see if you can't find yourself a copy of "curly girl" Andrea and I had straight hair before we moved to the humid south from Alaska. We found ourselves fighting a curly ora of fuzz until Andrea discovered the book. Now she has big fat cork screw curls and I manage a pretty heavy wavy. The book is fully of curly head tips. You will have to over look her "curly headed victim philosophy" in the beginning and go straight to the practical suggestions though. All the best, Kelly


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