Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A bit more about me...

As per Sunydazy's request :) Here's a wee bit more about me...
I'm not married yet! Our wedding is this Saturday, June 9th. I am very much looking forward to all things wifey- I definitely consider myself a prairie muffin! Even before I saw the prairie muffin manifesto, my husband-to-be called me "very prairie". I love sewing and making my own clothes, learning about being feminine to the Glory of God, serving with compassion and kindness, and I very much enjoy thrifty crafts, which I am getting to participate in a lot more now with our new apartment home :) I love animals, especially kitties, and our turkeys when they were babies (a little less fun once they grew up). I was once a 'nanny', and I absolutely love babies and children.
I started blogging because I have been so encouraged by reading others blogs. What a beautiful thing it is to be encouraged in heart and spirit by a Sister in Christ.
I'll be posting new pictures of our home as things get moved in. Today was the first "move-in", but I won't be moving in until AFTER the wedding, of course! :) Also, we will be leaving for a week after the wedding, so I am not neglecting the blog, but I will update, hopefully with wedding pictures, when we return. I look forward to many new friendships through this blog, I hope!

Just for fun, here's a picture of me with one of my kitties...

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miss andrea said...

Dear Lauren,

A most hearty congratulations on your upcoming wedding! May it be a blessed and beautiful day!
Looking forward to getting better aquainted with you (after the wedding, of course).:) Kelly and I were once nannies also. I wonder...in which general section of our fine state do you reside?? Perhaps we are neighbors!?! (If you're not comfortable saying here, I quite understand:))



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