Thursday, June 28, 2007

the fabric wreath

A few years back, my momma was going through some older kitchen things and happened upon an old fabric wreath. It was sun faded and had a few spots on it from hanging in a well loved and well used kitchen for many years :) Instead of giving it away, I decided to "revamp" it for the hope chest. I used a quilting square set that I bought at an Amish quilting store in Colorado. After cutting off the old fabric (inside was a heart shaped wire with an opening at the bottom), I sewed a new 'tube' of fabric that was the same width. My tube ended up being quite a bit longer, so mine was a bit more ruffly. I sewed two lines of basting strings down the center to make a casing, then placed the tube onto the heart shaped wire, pulling the basting strings to make it taut around the heart. I then hand sewed the bottom shut, and glued a ribbon to the top to hang it by. I hope that made sense- I'm not the best at how-to's. :)


Jen said...

Your fabric wreath is really cute! I love remaking things too.

Mackenzie said...

That's so cute! hmmm...I wonder if I have wire around here...?


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