Sunday, September 7, 2008

The New Chair

That we want for our living room. It's petite enough for an apartment... and the price is oh-so-right. Too bad Ikea is two hours away! Sniff. And what's funny enough to be a joke? I checked it out on the site- shipping for this pretty little chair is 230$ extra. Lets just say... that's not gonna happen! :)


Anonymous said...

We have an Ikea about that far away, too. The price is right if you can go and get it yourself. We ordered an IKEA gift card (you know, one of those thin plastic things about the size of a credit card?) through the mail... $8.00 shipping for the little thing.
I find that rather annoying since they so highly praise themselves for trying to keep shipping costs low!

Anonymous said...

Love the chair!!!

Only 2 hours from an Ikea? My husband would be having a hard time getting me not to go there EVERY weekend. :) (We are 3 hours from the nearest town, 15 hours from the nearest Ikea.)

We have run into the shipping thing too. The reason seems to be that they ship all their stock from one main warehouse, not necessarily from the closest store. My parents ordered from Ikea once, a number of years back, and everything was sent from the main warehouse in Montreal, thousands of miles away from us.

~ Shannon said...

Oh, I hope you are able to get your chair soon! It's just too adorable, and looks like it would be perfect for an apartment.

It's quite funny (in a strange sort of way...) that the shipping is over twice the price of the chair itself! ;-)

Yours in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's expensive shipping!! For $230, it would probably be cheaper to rent a van and go collect it... I still can't get over how expensive that shipping is, it's truly ridiculous!

Have you thought of maybe packing a picnic hamper, and heading off to collect it with your hubby? Maybe with a few scenic diversions thrown in. =D Sounds like a nice way to spend time together AND get the chair!

Anonymous said...

So... um... there's an IKEA up here. I think you should come up and collect your chair from that one. That's way more practical, right? It is a cute chair, looks nice and cozy for reading (or crocheting) and drinking something hot.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren! Do you happen to have a "Christmas Tree Shop" near you? The reason why I am asking is that I received in my local paper a flyer from them, and this exact chair is in it, and for the same price. It caught my eye too, it really is adorable! :) Kaitlyn Michelle

Natalie said...

I have those same chairs in my living room -a pair flanking the bookcase. For what it's worth, Allen and I drove 2 1/2 hrs one way to pick them up, and I really do think it was a smart choice. We literally drove there, grabbed the chairs, and left 20min later because we had to be back home to pick up our new sofa (yeah we sort of ended up redoing the living room at once). I will say that with no springs under the bottom it's not exactly an easy chair. It's comfortable to be sure, but it's no lazy boy recliner.

I vote you pack a lunch and go get them. :D

Mackenzie said...

Oh so cute! Will/would you be getting them in the white color, or a different fabric? They're so sweet! Perfect for a cup of tea and a good book. :)


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