Tuesday, September 23, 2008



We were very blessed to attend a free screening of Fireproof (from the same church who made Facing the Giants) last week. It was a *wonderful* date night for me and hubby- and how great to be able to see a wholesome movie with a great message... for free! I would encourage you all to see it. It is a movie that deals with adult subjects though, so I would exercise some caution in bringing wee ones.


Smith Family said...

You are one of the lucky ones.
I tried to get the free tickets but was to late. But am looking forward to see this movie on friday. I have been waiting for months.

Mrs. Deering said...

Oh, I love your new background!

Drew said...

I had no idea this was by the same people that did Facing the Giants! I can't wait to see it!! Thanks!


Stephanie said...

It was awesome - I completely agree with everything. ;)


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