Saturday, July 19, 2008

Random Thoughts Meme

Thank you, Tiffany, for the tag! :)

I am: a daughter of the King and a happy wife.
I think: that I don't update my blog nearly enough lately :)
I know: that Christ is coming back again.
I have: a neatly and nicely organized closet, since I just finished taking EVERYTHING out, going through it, and placing it back in, in a wonderfully organized fashion.
I wish: I hadn't told my husband I would *never* need another skirt again (said while cleaning the closet) LOL!
I hate: it when people use my Lord's name in vain. (I stole this from Tiffany- because I agree SO much!)
I miss: my parent's house.
I fear: nothing but the Lord. (As in reverence and awe of our Great and Mighty God)
I feel: happy to be home and catching up on wifely duties. I'll post pictures of DC sometime soon!
I hear: my busy hubby in the background, and the hum of our fridge :)
I smell: chopped celery. (I just made a veggie plate for a church gathering)
I crave: more time at home.
I search: for keys, sunglasses, and pretty much anything else I'm prone to losing!
I wonder: at the gift of the human body, and how amazingly and intricately it works in concert.
I regret: oh... sigh. Lots of things. Thankfully, regret leads to repentance.
I love: my Saviour and God, my hubby, my family, my friends, and my baby kitty.
I ache: for a child of my own.
I am not: very good at sticking to any exercise plan.
I believe: that God knows the desires of my heart.
I dance: pretty much never, unless I'm *really* excited about something.
I sing: ALL the time. I *love* to sing praise with others, especially without accompaniment.
I cry: every time I'm really touched by something. Happy or sad!
I don't always: remember to watch my tongue until too late.
I fight: my sinful nature.
I write: on this blog...
I win: all rhyming games. Muah ah ah ah ah. (thats a cackle, by the way)
I lose: most everything involving sports.
I never: want to see another roach. Yech!
I always: have a cup of coffee in the morning.
I confuse: my poor hubby sometimes :)
I listen: to my hubby, my friends, and family.
I can usually be found: with something Vera Bradley. From purses to bible covers to wallets, I've usually got something with me!
I am scared: of taking a shower when no one else is home. I'm such a baby!
I need: to finish my black crocheted wrap.
I am happy about: being home with my hubby here.
I imagine: what life will be like if and when the Lord gives us children.
I am wearing: a blue and white striped cotton shirt and a ruffled long blue skirt I made.
I look forward to: everything the Lord has planned for us!

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