Monday, July 28, 2008

A Beautiful Baby, a Finished Shawl, and a New Project

I was so blessed this weekend to meet my darling friend's child. It was truly amazing to hold a little someone in your arms who you had prayed for and hoped for. What a miracle little Luke is! His sweet momma is one of my closest friends, a Godly woman who is an inspiration to me and such an example to look up to. I may not have any sisters by birth, but I consider her to be my Sister in Re-Birth :) What a gift from our Heavenly Father to have such friends!

I hardly stopped holding him all weekend- Rachel was so sweet to share her little one with me!

Daddy and son.

That's just precious.

My own hubby with baby Luke. Luke just smiled and smiled at my hubby :)

And I finished the Never Ending Shawl last monday. Whew! What a relief :) I can't *wait* to wear it this winter. Too bad I finished it in the middle of hot summer! Lol.

I'm so happy to be done.

You can see the pattern a little better on the back. Please excuse my bedraggled hair, I spent most of today feeling not so great!

But how could I go without a knitting/crochet project for more than a couple of days? Here is the throw for our bed in the works. I love knitting and crochet because you can just pick it up and work on it, as opposed to hauling out the sewing machine and ironing board! Rachel helped me pick out the yarn this weekend in Fort Worth. I think it's such a pretty color- and I'm knitting it on connected needles so I won't have to do it in panels. I'm excited about making something for our bed!


Sommer said...

Your shawl turned out beautifully! I really like it. I'm inspired to dig out mine and get it going now:-)

I love the color for your throw...pretty, pretty.

Lots of love,

Molly said...

The baby is adorable!!

I love the shawl, it's beautiful. I can't wait to see the results of your next project.

Natasha said...

Congratulations on completing the shawl - it's lovely!!

I'm sure you're looking forward to wearing it in the cooler weather. :)

Anonymous said...

We loved having you visit! Come back soon... Your shawl turned out great! I am so impressed with your crocheting. :)

Emily said...

What sweet pictures. You look quite natural with a baby. : )

Your shawl looks great.

Lauren said...

What a darling baby.

Amy said...

The baby and the shawl are lovely! And I love the color of the yarn you're using for your new project. :)

Sarah said...

The baby IS beautiful!!! What a handsome fellow. And I love your shawl. I wish I could crochet. Knitting takes FOREVER! :)

Sarah said...
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