Thursday, September 13, 2007

A fun website!

I have had a great time searching through the free patterns here.
I have found myself desperately wishing I was a better knitter, or crochet-er. :) So on this note, I have reserved a book at the library on crochet. My "someday, someday" project will have to be this one... or this one.
Must... Learn... Quickly. Tee hee. Rachel, my darling, won't you come to San Antonio and teach me? :-D You're the only one I know with the skills to complete these!


Anonymous said...

Hi i am Marcy i came across your website from someone else's website.
Anyway i too am from San Antonio and just wanted to tell you the Central Library is having a Knitting and Crocheting class this Sat. from 9am-2 I think. I can not go because Being a homeshcooling mother i have to go to my library's used book sale and get as many books as I can . I just love all your post of the things you make. I pray my two girls are prepared to be wifes as you seem to be.

Heather said...

I have no idea how to knit or crochet, but my mother is very good and has made keepsake blankets for each of my children when they were born. I would love to learn how to quilt, so I guess that should be a project after I finish my aprons! Would you mind if I listed your blog as one of my favorites on my site? :)

Mackenzie said...

Lauren, those are pretty! My advice about crochet (and knitting, but I'm really new to that lol) is to just practice (on a "scarf" lol) each of the three basic stitches until you have it down. I have some great, helpful websites if you're interested! I mostly had to teach myself since I'm a lefty and my mom's a righty...which makes a HUGE difference lol :)

Lauren Christine said...

Awww, Thanks Heather! I would love it! :)

And Marcy, thankyou for the tip! I'll have to see about going to it. :)

Anonymous said...

I'll be right there! As soon as I clean the house, make dinner, work, take care of my husband... hmmm, it might be a while. Tilly is right though, once you can do the basic stitches, you can do anything - that's what I love about crochet: the stitches don't get complitcated, just toe combinations of them! I think you're well on your way. And the microspun yarn in the second pattern is truly REALLY soft and cozy.


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