Sunday, September 27, 2009

Evie's Room

I've finally finished Evie's room! It's taken me quite a while, but excepting a rug, I have it just right now I think :)

We hung a butterfly mobile above her changing table. She is much more amenable now to having her diaper changed. We got the changing table off craigslist for $20. Hubby just spray painted a few touch ups, and its good as new! The baskets were shower gifts. In the corner is the "diaper champ". Same price as the diaper genie, but you don't have to buy the little bags. Any old trashbag will do.

I absolutely love this quote. I saw it on a *very expensive* frame, so we had a friend calligraphy it and then I framed it. I think it turned out so lovely! She is so talented.

We bought her a dresser from an Aunt of mine who was moving. Quite a steal at $25! The painting and framed scripture were gifts, and the lamp I've had for quite a while. You can see her little laundry cube on the floor... this child generates a lot of dirty clothes :)

And of course, her really cute crib that she doesn't sleep in :) It was mine when I was a baby, so we were very blessed to have my parents give it to us!

The toy bin I've had for a while. I used to store my fabric stash in it!

Here is Evie's ...and any guests... bathroom. :)

I painted the sign, and we got the shower curtain at

I got the pretty frame at Hobby Lobby, half price, and they marked it down even more since it was scratched :)

This is an old frame I had... revamped with wedding pictures.

So the moral of the story is... decorating on a budget takes a while longer and some creativity... but is very do-able! :)


Jennifer and Jaimee said...

Lauren, what a sweet and darling room! We love it, and all the decorations are so cute. You did a very nice job! We can't wait to get a real-live tour. =)

Denise said...

Lovely rooms! Enjoyed the peek into your home! Hope all is well.

Keri said...

Totally cute and girly!! Love it!

Sommer said...

Love the way the rooms look! The mobile is a great idea:-)

Laura said...

I love what you have done with your budget. I say, decorating with creativity and frugality is more impressive than charging up a storm on the credit card for "perfect" pieces. Evie's rooms are so cute -- you have done a great job!

Mackenzie said...

It's beautiful! You did an awesome job... very inspiring that I will ever be able to finish a room! :)

Kaitlyn Michelle said...

Beautiful job and very well done, Lauren!!! :)

Gillian said...

Lauren, it's darling! So sweet :) I have to admit I was hoping for some pictures of the wee one herself, too, though... ;-)

Kiri said...

How precious! I love how girly Evie's rooms are. They're so pretty. You've done a great job!

Molly said...


I love all the pink too.

Luci said...

It is gorgeous! So feminine and lovely! I especially love the bathroom - the shower curtain is fabulous - and wherever did you learn to paint so well? All of your household paintings are amazing and so creative!

Would you mind reprinting the quotation in text? It looks beautiful but there are a few words I can't make out :(

Christine said...

How lovely! Many blessings!

Anonymous said...

Hope all is well with your new family. What an adorable bedroom.
God bless,

ps miss your posts. Hope to hear from you soon


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