Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blessedly busy!

I find myself blessedly busy these days! My little one keeps me very occupied, and I am so very happy about that. But I thought I would do a quick blog post while my darling naps, and write down some of the things that I love about being a mother, and don't want to forget about my sweetie when she was just 7 weeks old.
She loves, loves, loves to snuggle with mommy. Whether that's napping together in the big bed, or being held while she naps in my lap- she's definitely a snuggler!
She always ends up tucked right next to me when we sleep together. It's so precious to wake up with that little body tucked right into yours. How wonderful!
She makes the sweetest little cooing noises now. She loves to sit on my knees and smile and coo back and forth.
She loves to have the Bible read to her in the morning.
She really enjoys being swaddled and riding in the moby. Sometimes its the only way she sleeps!
It is so wonderful to see her with her daddy, and watch him being such an amazing father and provider.
I am so thankful, and this is an answered prayer, that she is a powerful little nurser! I call her my little eating machine. When we went in to the pediatrician for the 2 week check up, she had already gained a pound. Amazing! The Lord really provides, and it is so beautiful to see how the Lord changes your body to provide food for your little one.
She definitely does not like it when I eat spicy foods. I learned that one quickly...
She does not like her car seat. I call it her "angry seat" :)
Her favorite thing in the world is to be outside and she loves to take a walk before her bath at night. I was surprised that she likes to be outside so much, since its over 100 degrees here almost every day!
She absolutely adores my parents :) They have been so amazing and I just love seeing them love little Evie. I never realized how much I needed my mother until I had a baby!

Here is a picture of us on the porch together- I love matching my little girl :)


Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

I am so glad to hear that all is going well. Praise the Lord. I'm pleased to see that co-sleeping is working for you. I kept thinking about emailing you and asking you but it was always when I was busy and never when I was online. Such a sweet picture.



Jaimee Lavin said...

Oh Lauren! Evie is adorable! Love the beautiful big bow... very girly and stylish. I so miss seeing you ~ we'll have to get together soon. You are such a lovely mother; I know you'll have some of the best advice for when my day comes. :)

Sarah said...

She is beautiful!! How wonderful she is eating and gaining so very well. Praise God! I too realized how much I needed my mother when I had a baby of my own.

It is good to hear an update from you! I've been wondering how you and your wee little girlie were doing. :)

Malachi does not like his car seat either! I love your name for it!

Jennifer said...

She is so cute!! And you look great as well, mom! I'm glad to hear everything is going well, I always knew you would make a great mom. Miss yall!

Serena said...

She is so sweet! You both look wonderful! Co-sleeping really is wonderful, isn't it? And I am so glad that she's a good nurser!!!

I've been wondering how you all are doing, and I'm glad you've been well!

Sommer said...

Absolutely lovely! You are so blessed:-)

Lauren said...

She is so beautiful. I'm so pleased to hear all is going well. God Bless!

Mrs. White said...

It is so precious to be a mother! The baby is darling!! Enjoy!

Mrs. White

Haugh Family said...

What a sweet picture of you and the baby!


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