Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Grocery Bag Keeper

I've gone a little crazy with the crafting today, I know! Two blog posts about crafting in a day is definitely a record for me :) Ever since I saw this great tutorial on Shannon's blog, I knew I needed one! I was using only reusable grocery bags for a while, but we need the disposable ones for when hubby cleans the kitty box. I think they will also come in handy for bringing home dirty cloth diapers from when we're out and about. I used the leftover fabric from the wall hanging I used to cover the fuse box in the apartment (you can see it in the second picture down), and added some ric rac for a fun touch. It was a great tutorial and I highly recommend it! Thanks Shannon!


Colin said...

You are so handy... before you craft anything else could you finish making me a daughter?

Lisa said...

Your grocery bag holder is so cute. I bought one like it a couple of weeks ago at a country market. It has a picture of a hen on the side - I love it.


Uta said...

Hi dear Christine! I just loot at your blog 'cause you write a nice comment at flickr to my little cherry dress! Thanks a lot! I bought this cottonfabric at this dawanda shop: take a look, she also sells international..:)
Here it is: http://de.dawanda.com/shop/Lafi
Uta from magnolia stoffwerkstatt


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