Sunday, August 24, 2008

Reason # 8,972

...why my Momma is the best Momma in the whole world.

She read my blog, saw the wreath on sale at Target, and bought one for me. Isn't she amazing?!

In other "house-y" news, I took the garland from the living room and tacked it onto the top of the headboard we made. I love the way it looks!

We also spent last night moving almost *all* of our furniture around in a big shuffle. I think we've ended up with a lot more room, a much better "flow", and a much cleaner apartment! (I got to vacuum under furniture that had been stationary for a year) I'm so thankful for my big strong hubby who can move furniture so well! Pictures to come this week as I get the little things all straightened out :)


Anonymous said...

Dearest Lauren,
We love the beautiful touches to your bedroom ~ so lovely, and reminds us of how Christ is the author of loveliness. We see Christ in you and Colin ~ we're so blessed to know you both!
Thank you so much for sharing the pics, and the encouragement to be patient for sales. :)
I am praising Jesus to be feeling much better; as of Thursday evening the pain was better, Friday I was up all day, Saturday I got sick all morning, but then back to being better by the evening. Today has been restful and busy too. Thank you so much for your prayers for me, and for the sweet card. I loved all the verses you shared with me, and there were many times that I read them while in bed.
Love you,
Jaimee (and Jennifer too!)

Lauren said...

I love what you're doing in your bedroom. So pretty! Yes, moms are the best. God Bless!


Emily said...

Sweet thoughtful Mamas ROCK!!!

Mackenzie said...

So pretty!! Well, the cream and chocolate brown are showing up in my bedroom too, but the other colors are a sort of leafy sage, and a deep red. Inspired by a lampshade we got when we were first married, and guess what? When we moved in there was a matching window scarf left by the old owners. :) Perfect to tie it all together!! I can't wait to see your re-arranged pictures!

Sarah said...

That looks great! Especially the garland along your headboard. Flowers are so pretty. :) They are the perfect decorating device.

I have been inspired to hunt out a floral wreathe since you mentioned it in your previous post. I found one I want at Wal Mart for $10. :) *thrill* Thank you so much for your decorating inspiration!

~ Shannon said...

Thank you so much for sharing your decorating adventures -- especially frugal decorating ideas. I just hate magazines that say, "yes, we found this bargain lampshade for only $300!" ;) I can't wait to see your "rearranging" pictures!

Yours in Christ,

Sommer said...

You've gotta love those mommas! What a sweet thing to do for you.

I think the garland is a wonderful touch. Looking forward to pictures to come:-)

Lots of love,


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