Monday, June 2, 2008

The Road Trip, Part Two: Creation Museum

As my dough rises in the kitchen, I have the perfect opportunity to finish the trip post! We absolutely LOVED visiting the Creation Museum- I've been wanting to go there since they opened a year ago. It was truly awesome to watch Scripture applied in a museum! The planetarium was great, and the gardens were beautiful, but the museum was by far the best part. Please excuse the fact that the pictures are in kind of a reverse order- that's just the way they uploaded.

One of the neat things we learned about is that before the fall, the dinos were herbivores in Eden. And you could pet them. (Maybe)Beautiful gardens outside- very Eden like :)
The bridge is a wobbly bridge though, so be careful!!

Oh no! This dinosaur has just realized that meat is good to eat. This is after the fall, of course, since all dinosaurs were herbivores before. Run, hubby, run!

I would not have wanted to be around when T Rex realized that he was now a carnivore.

Biblical History is the KEY to understanding dinosaurs.
Learning all about dinosaurs!

Grumbly workers helping out Noah. And the explanation of Gopher wood, if you have very good eyes!
Noah in the background, chatting with a carpenter.
Uh oh, should have listened to Noah...
Where Shem, Ham, and Japeth went after Babel.
I love dinosaur statues!

The museum is laid out following the "7 C's". I love how EVERYTHING points to CHRIST!
The Garden of Eden.
Hubby watching a dinosaur eat a pineapple. Yum!
Uh Oh, the tempter is coming (look at the tree)
Everything ends with an awesome movie explaining the cross and Jesus' sacrifice. I loved how they used biblical creation to help people understand how the Bible is completely true and Jesus is Lord!


~ Shannon said...

Wow, the museum looks great! I'm so glad you had such a pleasant viist. Our church is planning a trip this month, so maybe we'll be able to go... I just love all of your funny photos! Thanks for cheering up my day :-)

Love in Christ,

Lauren said...

Oh how cool!!! Aaron and I, well mostly Aaron, do a lot of research on Creation Science. We've always wanted to visit the Creation Museum. God Bless and glad you made it home in one piece :-)

mrsidotf said...

Thanks for sharing the great pictures! It makes me want to go to the museum even more now!! Hopefully we will get to go soon.

Mandy said...

We went to the Creation Science museum last year with my aunts and cousins. I enjoyed it a lot, but it looks like you were able to "get" more out of the displays than we could -- it was so, so crowded we couldn't read any of the writing on the exhibits and had to skip some parts completely!! I'm hoping we can go back sometime so we can take in more. The scenery was beautiful, though. The Garden of Eden and Noah's ark were my favorite exhibits and the last movie was so good.

Natasha said...

Wow, I've never heard of a museum like that! I would love to visit America to see it. I am so encouraged that there is a museum that promotes Creationism.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had such a great time with your husband. Loved all the pics! :)


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