Saturday, June 28, 2008

Red Velvet Cake and other Doings

Its been a bit of a crazy week around our parts. Between my sweet hubby's 24th birthday and general busyness, hubby's car... imploded. Of course, that's my non-technical female term for some very serious bad happenings inside of the engine that led to hubby's old (but faithful) car totalling itself. After paying a pretty penny to get this car fixed to a certain point, the mechanic then discovered that many other bad things (insert technical terms here) had happened. Sigh. The car was kaput. What began as an inconvenience turned into a bit of an event. So, long story short, even though it wasn't what we had planned on, we ended up purchasing a "new to us" car for hubby. Even though this might seem like a bad thing, the Lord provided for us in many ways, guiding this, and I am convinced that this is a good thing the Lord had planned for us. These are the ways the Lord provided for us:

1. Hubby's car died right outside the apartment complex, as opposed to on the highway or at his workplace. Two nice men helped him push it into a spot.
2. Our car insurance covered the towing to a garage.
3. The mechanic who was working on it bought it for the amount we owed plus a wee bit more. (Such a blessing!!)
4. We found a great used car quickly and the Lord has provided for us financially.
5. Hubby's car was quite old and took up a lot of his free time fixing it. Now that free time can be used for things like... oh, I don't know... dates with his wifey :)

We've had a wonderful Saturday so far, and I've made a Red Velvet Cake for a little family party we are having for him. Something about making a red cake in a red kitchen wearing a red apron makes me blissfully happy!

Many thanks go to Momma for reading me her great recipe over the phone. I made my own buttermilk (see the note at the bottom on how to do that) and I think it turned out great. No since in buying buttermilk when you have vinegar and milk on hand! The icing is doubled, not 1 1/2'd like I originally wrote, so use the numbers to the right.

Note: You must, must wear an apron, unless you wear all red while baking this cake:)

It's a yummy three tiered treat when you're all done.
I'll try to post pictures of the finished product when I ice it all!


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! :) I love red velvet cake! My grandma used to make it for my dad's birthday and lately I have made it for David's birthday. My grandma's recipe is almost exactly the same, except she adds a tsp. of rum extract in the frosting.
What a great story of how God provided for your needs - it's amazing how He can work each bad situation out for good!

Christine said...

Your red kitchen accessories are just darling. I bet the cake was scrumptious! Blessings!

Mackenzie said...

I love your red cake cute! Happy birthday to Colin from me too. :)

Tiffany said...

I love your red theme cake.

My dad is a teacher and his birthday falls during the school year. Every year his room mom comes to either mom or me and asks what his favorite cake is. We always tell them, "Red velvet."

Now, with your recipe, I may just have to give them his second favorite cake. ;-)


mrsidotf said...

Thanks for sharing how the Lord provided for you both. I love to see Him work!

Anonymous said...

Yumm, I've always wanted to try making that.
And a late 'Happy Anniversary'!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lauren for sharing the cake recipie with us. I have always wanted to make a red velvet cake but I have had trouble finding a recipie for one. I will think of you as I wear my red apron and bake a red cake. Unfortunately I don't have the cute red pans or the red kitchen, but I think I can survive!


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