Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Season

We've been having a very merry Christmas Season! Here is a little picture update...

Even if you don't "do" Santa... its a lot of fun to dress your baby up!

Evie got to meet her Uncle Joey... Hubby's "little" brother who has been stationed in Iraq the last year. They hit it off :)

Evie hiding among the presents underneath a friend's tree.

We went with some friends to see the lights on the Riverwalk and the Alamo. It was beautiful, and Evie was very patient while I read all the signs. I just can't be there without being moved by the valiant sacrifices those men made.

SO pretty!

Uh oh. Someone rolled out the cutout cookie dough just a little too thick. :)

I know what this nativity scene needs... a baby.

We had a chance to participate in a live nativity scene. It was so much fun playing Mary and Baby Jesus.

Gigi and Grandpa's oh so cute Christmas Card Picture.

I hope you are all having a very blessed Christmas season, and enjoying the preparation! The big day is almost here! May we all remember truly what this day is really about.


The Lavin Family said...

super cute! we love all the festive pics! Merry Christmas to the three Miles! :)

~ Shannon said...

Evie is just precious, Lauren! I can't decide whether she looks more like you or Colin -- but she's definitely a doll!

You all look so happy, and I hope you have a wonderful and blessed first Christmas with Evie!

Love in Christ,

Sommer said...

So sweet! What a lovely little girlie Evie is:-)

Thanks for sharing some of your Christmas cheer!

Lots of love,

Gillian said...

What sweet photos! I love the one at the top :D And I can't believe how huge Evie's getting! Happy Christmas to you :-)

Nicole Gabriel said...

I love all the pics very cute and inspiring...
It is great...

Laila Gonzaga said...

Great pics, very inspiring!
Again christmas is in...
Thanks for sharing!


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