Sunday, October 26, 2008

Come What May

This is a wonderful, pro-life movie made by a group of homeschoolers. I was so impressed by the whole movie! The storyline was great, and I thought the acting was very professionally done. May I recommend you watch it for free online? And spread the word!!


Davis Family said...

Wow! This was fabulous and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

Emily said...

Just wanted to add a word of encouragement on keeping up blogging...I know it really does get difficult to find time for it. I stop by here once a week or so, and always enjoy what I find. I especially find your little crafty projects interesting. You are very creative. :)

Anonymous said...

While the characters argued from a mostly-legal standpoint, I wish they didn't add to the common belief that ONLY Christians are pro-life. I'm agnostic and am fiercely pro-life, shunned by Christians because I can't possibly be pro-life if I'm not Christian, and by non-Christians because I must hate women (even though I am one). Pro-life or pro-choice isn't a religious matter. It's a matter of life, and that transcends religion and non-religion.


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